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Leftist Whiners Plan Riot Outside Detroit Kid Rock Concert #MediaInfidels #news #KidRockForSenate

September 3rd, 2017

Kid Rock will open Detroit’s new Little Caesars Arena with several back-to-back shows, starting on September 12 – but not everyone is thrilled.

Kid Rock’s display of the Confederate flag over the years has prompted an organized protest outside Little Caesars Arena on opening night.

The protest is scheduled for Sept. 12 at 6:30 p.m. – here’s what the Facebook event reads:

Please join us as we rally against symbols of white supremacy and hate in our amazing city of Detroit. We will not stand by silently as the confederate regalia supporting embarrassment to Detroit known as Kid Rock performs the inaugural concert at Little Caesars Arena downtown. The arena is venue that was created by the tax dollars of a city that is overwhelmingly black and brown, many of whom are decedents of African American refugees who fled such symbolic and literal violence in the American South. We will not let our great city be represented by a individual that uses a symbol of hate and marginalization for his own self gain!

Earlier this week, black supremacist Camille Johnson posted a guest column on Bridge Magazine, asking why Kid Rock is the first act of the new arena. Here’s an excerpt:

Kid Rock says he stopped using the flag in concerts in 2011 but has repeatedly demonstrated his love for Confederate regalia, while telling people protesting the systemic racism and oppression those symbols represent to “kiss his a*s.”

How can Christopher Ilitch and Little Caesars Arena’s stakeholders back their decision to have Kid Rock headline the arena’s opening, when the artist’s problematic views and actions are so well-documented? Little Caesars Arena is providing a platform to an artist who has used symbols of white nationalism and openly supports policies and politicians that are harmful to most of Detroit residents.

Meanwhile in reality, it’s well known that Camille is a white-hating black supremacist whose political views have brought riots and inflamed racism across America.

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